"Sculpture Without Gimmicks" by Arthur Bloomfied - SF Examiner

In an age of contrivance in art, it's nice to behold a large roomful of non-contived sculpture such as the Arleigh Gallery (824 Montgomery) is currently offering. The artist is Jack Kamesar, he works in welded and forged steel, and he does so with an innate feeling for concise, expressive design. Sculpture for Kamesar is obviously a means of crisp communication, not exercises in hopefully interesting gimmickry. Falling figures in sorrow are a recurrent Kameasar motif- in "Grief" and "The Fall" - although the latter, a tissue of welded strands forming the body with knees bent and arms outstretched, could be read as symphony conductor in a moment of Mahleresque ecstasy.

In "Head" Kamesar forms a face out of nose, two lips and a facial arc, leaving the rest as airspace and creating in the process a sculpture which is altogether complete and satisfying. It's not, by the way, unlike the work of John Battenberg. Kamesar curls pieces of steel in "rolled roast" fashion to shape an animal-like figure in "Procession, detail," an item which adds up whimsically and succinctly. And it goes around the gallery, one piece after another coming into quick focus as a bright idea executed honestly and well. Arleigh Gallery, San Francisco

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